BBQ Smoke Wood Chips

BBQ Smoke Wood Chips

How do we make BBQ even better? Wood Chips!

We don’t blend our coffee but we do blend our wood chips. It’s not enough for us to match our chocolate to our coffee so we match our wood chips too!! We have three blends that go in our gift boxes: whiskey barrel with apple wood, beech with maple and cherry wood with hickory.

BBQ Wood Chips

Using hard wood and fruit wood with your BBQ makes it even better. It helps you to get that amazing couple of millimetres of colour and flavour all around your BBQ cooking. Just like you get in the best BBQ restaurants.

How to use BBQ wood chips

To use our wood chips is really easy and we have made videos to help!

The first video shows how to do it with a charcoal BBQ:

The second video is for those with gas: