Single origin, awesome flavour

At Dude Coffee and Smoke we love single origin coffee. Blends are good but the flavours that come from a good single origin are incredible. From caramel sweetness in our Aqua Box to full chocolate and bright berry fruit in our Purple Box. Even lychee or watermelon! (watch out for special editions featuring those)

Independent roasters who share our values

We work with very special roasters who know exactly where the coffee is from. Many small farms can’t afford fair trade certification but they are working hard and look after their colleagues. So even if some of the time we can’t say it’s fair trade, we know we only offer coffee that tastes amazing and is doing good things.

And then there is the decaf. It’s the best decaf!

Then there is the decaf. We know that there are loads of folks who don’t want caffeine but do want amazing coffee. We know there is no reason for decaf to be lesser coffee. So we do one of our awesome boxes with possibly the best decaf you have ever had.

Dude Coffee and Smoke – Bags of Single Origin Coffee