Awesome coffee

Dude Coffee and Smoke – Bags of Single Origin Coffee

Dude Coffee

We work with our friends at an independent coffee roasters in the Cotswolds to bring you our favourite single origin coffee. This brings awesome natural flavours that inspire the theme of each of our boxes.

Incredible chocolate

Dude Coffee and Chocolate – the Chocolate bars


Our chocolate is produced by our friend who has her own artisan chocolate shop. We believe that there are few ways to make coffee better but adding some good chocolate on the side definitely helps. We have two flavours that go in our boxes; 70% dark chocolate topped with mixed nuts and 70% dark chocolate topped with dried berries. This is chocolate for taking slow and enjoying.

Amazing BBQ rub

Dude Coffee and Smoke BBQ Rub


Our BBQ rub is a bit different. For a couple of years I tried to balance the flavours in the rub we use at home. I wanted to get depth, something that would give oven and pan cooked food a hint of the depth that a BBQ gives. Then, when you use it with a BBQ the depth is huge. The recipe cards in our boxes suggest that this is used with chicken thighs, slow cooked brisket or ribs. Our friends use this rub with pan fried fish, as a seasoning on chips and with oven roast pork loin.

You won’t be surprised to find out that we even use our single origin coffee in this rub. It doesn’t make your food taste like coffee. It does make our rub different in a way we think you will really dig!

BBQ smoking wood chip blends

Dude Coffee and Smoke – BBQ Smoke Wood Chips

Smoking woodchips

We blend BBQ wood chips to match our coffee and chocolate bars. It might sound obsessive. We are when it comes to this stuff.

For our purple box with all those cherry flavours we mix cherry wood with oak, the aqua box get a mix of apple wood and whiskey barrel to go with the sweet caramel coffee and nutty chocolate and the red box with our decaf get our subtle maple and beech blend.

What is this for?

If you have been to a great BBQ restaurant you will have noticed that when you cut in to the food that there is a few millimetres of dark, sometimes dark red colour at the outside of the food. This is where the BBQ smoke has soaked in and brought amazing smoky flavour. Simply soak your wood chips for at least 1 hour in water (or beer, or coffee, or even tea) then drain off the excess liquid and sprinkle the wood over the hot BBQ charcoal. If you have a gas BBQ pop the chips in a foil pouch and leave it above the burner. Check out our videos for more on how to do that.

Want to know more about the coffee? Fancy trying a recipe with the rub and smoking wood?

We include a coffee tasting notes card to show you where the coffee is from, how it was processed, what makes it special and to explain the flavour profile. Then we slip in a recipe card that will help you to make great use of the BBQ rub and smoking wood chips.

Dude Coffee and Smoke Recipe Cards and Coffee Tasting Notes

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