Purple Box

Coffee Chocolate and BBQ Gift Box | Dude Coffee and Smoke

The purple box includes our Mocha Java blend featuring coffee from Ethiopia and Indonesia. This coffee pops with natural hints of cherry from the Ethiopian beans and chocolate from the Indonesian beans. Mocha Java is the oldest documented blend of coffee and increasingly exciting. Mocha coffee (originally from the area now known as the Republic of Yemen) brings bright fruit flavours that are perfect company for the dark rich Java coffee.

The box contains:

  • 250g of cafetiere ground Mocha Java coffee
  • 100g of amazing small batch artisan 70% dark chocolate topped with cherries and raspberries
  • 40g pouch of Dude Coffee and Smoke BBQ rub. Give your BBQ or kitchen cooking an extra BBQ style depth with this rub seasoning featuring single origin coffee
  • 60g bag of cherry and hickory smoking wood to give your BBQ cooking an authentic smoke flavour, or in the Brownie box you will find a pack of our Ultimate Brownie mix and a recipe card
  • Coffee tasting notes card
  • BBQ ribs recipe card to make great use of the BBQ rub (on the ribs and in the sauce)
  • All packaged in a wooden crate

Everything in the box is made by local, independent producers

You can find the purple box in the shop

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